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About Us

TeamTracker provides a centralized source of information for administrators, coaches, parents, and students to find schedules, scores, and stats. Our services have supported youth leagues all the way through college athletics. TeamTracker has a controlled log in access that provides various access levels to the public and unique access for schools and/or league administrators. TeamTracker primary goal is to deliver services that keeps everyone connected to their athletic activities. When using our Notification system to share info such as standings, scores, and stats, together we will finally connect the dots.

What We Offer

  • Master Schedule: Consist of an assortment of all schedules where you can create various reports
  • Schedules/Scores: Can be entered by a school administrator and locked or by the public
  • Notifications: Alert of scores, cancelations or whatever the change in the schedule
  • Participation Forms: When completed by each coach it creates a report for administrators
  • Works For: All High Schools, Middle Schools, Colleges and Leagues

TeamTracker connects the dots -- All Schools All Leagues...